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Local telephone dating services

There are a bunch of companies I don’t mention at all, such as Alltel and Omnipoint.

In the US, T-Mobile was a scrappy underdog that did shocking things like reduce monthly bills once a customer had completed a contract for a subsidized phone.It is typically powered by −48V direct current (DC) and backed up by a large bank of batteries (connected in series) in the central office, resulting in continuation of service during most commercial power outages.The subscriber loop typically carries a “load” of about 300 Ohms, and does not pose a threat of electrocution to human beings (although shorting the loop can be felt as an unpleasant sensation).(Fast forward to 2011: Almost everybody has a cell phone, and long distance is a freebie.) But the theory back then was that more phone companies would be better for consumers than fewer phone companies.I knew what happened in the years since: New phone companies did spring up, but an endless parade of mergers led to much of the original AT&T merger being reconstructed into two behemoths: AT&T (which is really the descendant of Southwestern Bell) and Verizon (once Bell Atlantic).

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German telecommunication giant Deutsche Telekom, which had acquired Voice Stream in 2001, changes the U. (Clearwire is still in business, but I’m removing it from this accounting since it’s majority-owned by Sprint.) AT&T agrees to buy T-Mobile US from Deutsche Telekom, in a deal expected to close next year.

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