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Live free cam of maried women

Women are three times more likely to be killed or seriously injured by their male counterpart than vice versa.Though those numbers suggest a more dire need, they do not connote that women are completely innocent when it comes to domestic violence.Let’s put this into perspective: a significant amount of the findings regarding male-as-victim intimate partner violence came about as the result of studies and surveys that were aimed at understanding domestic violence against women.These are not studies conducted by rabid anti-women men’s groups or right-wing think tanks.I approach this writing with some trepidation because it will run counter in some areas to the current debate regarding domestic violence.

In 2011, an estimated 19,000 rapes and sexual assaults — overwhelmingly against women — took place in the military.In fact, in the 71 percent of nonreciprocal partner violence instances, the instigator was the woman.This flies in the face of the long-held belief that female aggression in a relationship is most often predicated on self-defense.I’m merely broadening the definitions of abuser and victim.If we are serious about addressing domestic violence, then we must deal with all of the incarnations of the realities of domestic violence.

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Neither does a hard look at real terrorism, perpetrated by entities such as the Islamic State, have to degenerate into Islamophobia.