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Shure Asia’s Regional Finance Director, Peter Schulz, says the customisable, online functions that are part of the American Express Corporate Card give him a leg up in managing costs.

@Work – American Express’ web-based integrated data reconciliation portal, combined with the Concur Expense Management System, provides companies with automatic data feeds of all travel and expense charges make data easily manageable in one place.

Plastic You’ll automatically get the “Serve Card” in the mail within a few days.

Mine hasn’t shown up yet, of course, but I’ll be able to use it to withdraw money from ATMs and pay for things wherever American Express is accepted.

Serve charges per ATM withdrawal, with the first one being free each month. Serve’s ATM fees will be waived for the next six months while the program gets off the ground.

All these benefits have translated into better control and transparency within the corporation, and remarkable savings and rewards for not only the company but also its employees.

• Shure’s diverse product selection ranges from wired and wireless microphones, conferencing and networked audio solutions, to in-ear personal monitoring systems, award-winning earphones and headphones, and top-rated phonograph cartridges.

• Shure Asia has been partnering with American Express for corporate payment solutions since 1999, and a member of the American Express Cathay Pacific Corporate Card since 2011.

I have a Pay Pal debit card, too, which is accepted wherever Master Card is accepted.

From what I can tell so far, the main differences between the Pay Pal card and the Serve card are that I get one percent back every time I use the Pay Pal card and if I don’t have sufficient funds in my Pay Pal account when I use the card, it’ll automatically pull from my bank account.

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Subaccounts Serve lets you set up four subaccounts, so you can give your spouse, kids or anyone else their own Serve logins while setting daily transaction limits.