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It just wouldn’t be right for you and your loving fiancé to let slip each other’s email address. A most incredible thing will take place when you begin to get a grip on yourself and realize how badly you have been scammed.

As the scam site starts to detect they've lost you as a paying consumer who is searching for love, many of those same girls who have consistently sweetly and innocently been messaging you with their undying wish to be your sweet and virtuous lifelong love will now start sending you not so innocent missives asking you to now pay to see them naked.

Other messages will suggest that since maybe you aren’t going to be coming to China to marry them, you might instead like to come over for a nice blowjob, or any of countless other pornographic or sexual offerings.

It seems that Chinese dating site you were trusting as your matchmaker to find your loving and virtuous wife or partner has suddenly transformed itself in to a pimp, and those innocent girls once lining up to be your bride are now gearing up to sell you some heat.

At present, we are posting only scam Chinese and Asian dating sites because those are the niches we have sites in and know our way around.

When one of these scam websites is done with their victim he is financially ravaged, heart-broken, embarrassed and bitter. Usually all the ladies are tarted up so much as to look like sex mad nymphomaniacs at best and hookers at worse, yet explained in their profiles to be lawyers, physicians, instructors, nurses or top flight businesswomen.

I am worth ,000,000 USD and I am desperately seeking a Western man between the age of 45 and 60 to love me.

I don’t care about your looks, so long as you have a good heart.

As a non-scam site that gets a great deal of these poor, suffering guys after they've been had, we've heard this same story, or comparable ones to it, hundreds and hundreds of times.

This information is not merely about promoting our sites, it is about assisting you to discover a good website, whether that is our site or another good one.

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It seems that somehow along the journey you’ve been on, these beautiful Chinese ladies lost their innocence, and we can assume their virginity has been lost along with it. If you find yourself on such a dating website, Chinese or otherwise, either get out fast or get your banker to set you up with a fantastic line of credit, you're going to need it.

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