Jakarta sexs

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Jakarta sexs

There are positive ways to prevent HIV transmission, ways that do not follow the Western style”.

There is nothing “Western style” about the commercial sex on offer in Bekasi.

Three quarters of HIV infections in Indonesia come from unprotected sex.

“Keep the disease away with preventive action by improving the nation’s morality.“If he won’t use a condom I can walk away”, says Melli.But both women are single mothers, so turning down customers isn’t a light choice.But Rizki works in a bar in a Bekasi shantytown called Tenda Biru, where every night from 9pm to 3am, she dances with the long distance truck drivers and factory workers who come here to drink and relax after their shifts.If they want sex, she sells that to them too.“It’s a long story. Rizki says about why she left her village in West Java four years ago to work in a sex and karaoke strip off the main highway to Jakarta.

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In any case, it’s what the 29 year old with long sleek black hair calls herself for work.

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