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Is mandating

According to the It’s an aggressive step from de Blasio—for good reasons.Heating buildings is the single largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 42 percent of CO2 produced in the Big Apple.

“I suspect that there won't be that that many instances where you're taking a boiler and ripping it out prematurely,” he tells City Lab, adding that the 2030 deadline should allow time and flexibility for owners to decide what to do. What this [mandate] is saying is at the time you're doing your upgrades, upgrade to the point where you meet this cleaner standard.” Though the upgrades should eventually pay for themselves—the Sunnyside apartment building upgrades, for example, reportedly save the owners 5,000 a year—the financial help will be key to the mandate’s success, says Darrell.So far, de Blasio has garnered support from environmentalist groups like the Natural Resources Defense Council and Environmental Defense Fund, whose members joined him in a press conference announcing the mandate.“[The mandate is] practical because it’s combining a clear deadline with financing and engineering help in a way that makes it as easy as possible to meet the climate target we need to meet,” says Andy Darrell, the New York regional director of EDF who also serves on New York City’s Sustainability Advisory Board.The hospital decided not to grant exemptions and terminated the workers when they refused to change their minds.For the hospital, maintaining a healthy work environment was critical.

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  1. Or maybe they are under such constant stress and work that they are aged prematurely by it. One way or another, this character may look like an adult(/teenager/older child), and even act and talk like one, but chronologically speaking, they aren't.