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‘Throughout everything that’s been going on she’s been saying, “I just wish people would get out of the way, and let me get on with it”.

'And she thinks she may now just get some space to do her thing.’There are three reasons for this new-found – and given recent events, slightly staggering – sense of optimism. Much of the focus was on the dire OBR growth forecast, and the long-eared stamp-duty rabbit Philip Hammond skilfully flourished.

It wasn’t what they’d expected.‘She said, “Please bring me the letters.” That evening she sat down and read them.

Then she started drafting a personal hand-written response to every single person.’You have to hand it to Theresa May – she doesn’t know when she’s beat.

Almost immediately I saw that I had nothing to worry about.These, Langdon says, were the Knights Templar, created to search for the grail in Jerusalem during the Crusades and later destroyed by the Pope when they became too rich, successful and clued-up.The Da Vinci Code film (made in 2006 starring Tom Hanks) romps through myth, history, legend and speculation, mashing it all together and presenting it as the truth. Of all the organisations formed and founded during the Middle Ages, none has inspired anything like the same level of intrigue, fascination and obsession.But within No 10 they believe the most significant moment was when the Chancellor announced debt – not simply the deficit, but actual public sector net borrowing – would begin to fall as a percentage of GDP for the first time in 17 years.They think this will allow Mrs May to claim with credibility she has broken the back of austerity, and produce the necessary fiscal ‘headroom’ to allow for a loosening of the public purse strings over the course of the parliament.

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The second cause for quiet celebration is a sense that the Prime Minister has at last found a simple, compelling offer to present to the British people.‘We’ve got a vision now,’ a Minister told me. But privately there is confidence within Downing Street that a grudging increase in the size of the Brexit divorce bill will prove enough to break the logjam.