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While collaborations between researchers in Iran and at IIASA date back to 2006, Iran officially becamea member of IIASA in 2016 through the Iran National Science Foundation (INSF).Even though Iran is new member of IIASA, researchers from IIASA and Iran have started collaborating on projects focused on exploring Iran’s water management issues; investigating renewable energy sources; increasing Iran’s resilience to natural disasters, and increasing air quality.Additionally, capacity building through greater scientific exchange via researching at or visiting IIASA, or taking part in IIASA’s programs for young scientists, will also be a priority for the partnership.This IIASA Info Sheet provides a summary of this emerging relationship since 2008.

Opportunities for additional collaborations include developing bespoke Iranian versions o n IIASA’s global models, conducting international assessments in areas of Iranian strategic interest, partnering with Iranian institutions to win international research grants, and contributing to Iranian science diplomacy.12 Staffs – three with Masters Degree and three Ph Ds.(See: More than 10 year of fellowship (since 2000).Number of fellows per year: 2 Training Session Length: 3 months Program Chair: Vicente Paus 54 - 221 - 4212929 54 - 221 - 4212929 Description: The program consists of 4 main areas: Health Care, where the Fellow participates in different medical consultation.Rehabilitation, with physical therapists the Fellow learns how different sports injuries are treated.

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Number of fellows per year: 4 Training Session Length: 3 months Program Chair: Carlos E S Vaz 11 - 43 - 33240075 Description: Knee surgery fellowship with experienced knee surgery professors and a full practice and theory program Number of fellows per year: 3 Training Session Length: 12 months Program Chair: Niso Balsini 55 - 47 - 34333835 Description: This fellowship program offers a one-year rotation.

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