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Intimidating words that start with k

Heavy rain showers slowed things down over the next few days, but at last I’ve been able to cover the scars with a coat of paint and it’s usable again.I was very grateful to have the inflatable kayak which had been given to me by a generous Australian while I was in Chaguaramas back in 2014. I always carry a supply of epoxy and some fiberglass so was able to get the job done quickly.It was too heavy for me as what was left of it was filled with water.

For the next two days the rain held off sufficiently for me to fit the pieces together again like a jigsaw puzzle.

I used Gorilla tape to hold things in place while I glued it up with a West system epoxy and microfiber mixture.

I smoothed off the surface and put a complete layer of glass over the stern and along the seams where they had been cracked.

They are very solidly built fiberglass boats and their powerful outboards send them crashing over the chop creating a fearsome wake.

It seems to be a point of honour to pass as close as they dare to the anchored yachts.

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They were planning one of their regular shopping trips to Panama City and agreed to let me join them.

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