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A few awkward seconds passed before the executive said, without offering much of a smile, "I'm just [messing] with you."Most people in the scouting community aren't put off by Schiano simply because of personal grudges, or because they believe he made a tough job even more difficult.

They also view him as some sort of hypocrite for taking a job in a league whose interests he treated with such obvious disdain for so long.

I think it was just a lack of respect to NFL personnel."Said the AFC executive: "There's a box, a little bitty box, way away from the field.

All the scouts had to stand in that box like a bunch of little kids.

It's no wonder that when the Bucs chose Schiano to replace Raheem Morris, many NFL personnel men were stunned.

When you're Bill Belichick, you can get away with a lot more than when you're a rookie head coach and haven't earned the right to do things.

According to reports, Belichick's recommendation to the Glazer family, owners of the Buccaneers, may have been a factor in Schiano's and Washington Post columnist John Feinstein.

According to Feinstein, Schiano, during his first visit to Navy with the Scarlet Knights, ignored a pregame itinerary that called for both teams to clear the field a few minutes early so that the Brigade of Midshipmen could perform their customary march.

Several years ago, an NFL personnel executive – who has since risen to the ranks of general manager – walked up to greet a pair of Schiano's Rutgers assistants, who had paid a scheduled visit to one of his team's training camp practices.

As one witness recalled, the personnel executive told the Rutgers coaches, "Welcome. You can go stand in it." The executive pointed to an area well removed from the field and glared at the stunned coaches.

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This is a sensitive subject in scouting circles, because Schiano was almost universally viewed as unaccommodating, intimidating and downright disrespectful by NFL representatives who paid visits to Rutgers from 2001-11, and there were plenty of groans and eye-rolls when he accepted the Bucs job last January.