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Intimidating intro music

– Henry Wagons With help from producer David Bridie, Christine Anu took an anthemic Australian classic and updated it for a ‘90s pop audience.The song was already cherished by many Australian music fans, but Anu’s version took it to the mainstream.Much like each fighter, musicians are typically schooled in multiple disciplines, taking influences from across the board and filtering them through their own vision.

The diversity of the sounds coming out of Australia meant that there was something for everyone.And, of course, those legions upon legions of fraternity brothers, who in the throes of sheer exaltation crushed shanty towns worth of beverage cans on their collective forehead every time The Gladiator took the screen. And I'm not going to kid myself; it may be some time before I'm whole again. But in the meantime, I find solace in the gladiator spirit that continues to permeate the sport he so valiantly represented for so long. But really what I'm talking about are the entrance songs. I suspect The Gladiator would have wanted it that way. Nothing else better embodies The Spirit of the Gladiator. Here are my picks for the 30 best entrance songs in the UFC today. And, unfortunately, because of limitations on usable UFC footage, videos for the songs themselves are used in most cases. As you read, pour some American-style pilsner on the pavement for this fallen hero. We wanted to kick off our month-long celebration of the 90s with a celebration of Australia. The Meanies’ ‘10 Percent Weird’ acted as a kind of bridge between the bubblegum thrash of Hard-Ons that came before, and the astoundingly popular cheek of Frenzal Rhomb that was to follow.It won’t surprise you to hear that coming up with this list was tough. That blistering guitar riff sounds like it’s going to go off the rails at any moment, the dual-tracked vocal is equal parts apathetic and inflaming and the hook that Link Meanie belts out is practically unmatched in terms of unforgettable pop punk genius.

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