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Instead, it provides a score that is used to estimate how comfortable an individual is with a specific behavior.The FIRO-B test includes three main areas: In short, Expressed Behavior is related to how comfortable we feel about exhibiting a behavior toward other people.

The first public iteration was derived in the late 1950s by William Shutz.

With its addition to the “CPP Inc” catalog of assessments, the FIRO-B test has received regular support in maintaining its validity, as well as its correlation with other instruments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Test.

Why The FIRO-B Test The FIRO-B Assessment is a simple-to-read-and-understand assessment that has a variety of uses.

The basic premise for his theory was simple: “people need people”, and people’s interpersonal needs motivate their behaviors.

Schutz’s studying of other prominent psychological figures of the time, including Freud, Adorno, Adler, and Jung, led him to conclude that an individual’s interpersonal needs could be summarized into the three foundational areas of the FIRO-B test: Inclusion, Control, and Affection. The FIRO-B Assessment is a unique instrument that doesn’t actually “measure” anything.

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