If kjy dating giving up on dating and relationships

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If kjy dating

Dependent on who you treat better, and your actions during the game, Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie, or even Barret may see the site of the Gold Saucer with you.

Quests - The Opera - Imperial Banquet - Secrets - Colosseum - Dragon's Den - Soul Shrine - Game Info - Characters - EX Mode - Abilities - Summons - Weapons - Hand Armor - Head Armor - Body Armor - Accessories - PP Catalog - Player Icons - Cosmos Reports - Chaos Reports - Museum - Accomplishments - Level Up Trick Final Fantasy VII Dating Game Final Fantasy VII has a single date inset into the story.

The story points to Aeris being your date, as per your charge of being her body-guard.

This however, does not mean that Aeris has to be your date at all.

10-When Marlene asks about Aeris, answer "I dunno".

11- When given the choice of party members, always pick Tifa.

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Find the woman who tells you Mako Energy is convenient, and answer "Yea maybe." 19-In the same house as the woman, go upstairs, and speak to the girl about the old life. 23-Make sure to buy a tranquilizer, before boarding the Cargo Ship.(This is a must) 24-Give Yuffie the tranquilizer.