How to stop steam from updating

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Section headings such as [Display] can be chosen from the drop-down menu selector at the top of the GUI and that section will show the specified section from the ini.If a lightning icon with a green plus sign appears in the Flags column, when the virtual data directory is created the corresponding mod will overwrite file(s) from a lower priority mod while none of its files will be overwritten.If a lightning icon appears without a plus or minus sign, the mod will be completely overwritten by other mod(s) and might as well not be installed.

Multiple filters can be chosen by holding "Ctrl" and left-clicking.

You can access the All Mods portion alternatively by clicking the Open list options menu beside the profile drop-down.

You will only get the All Mods menu if clicking on a Non-MO mod.

To disable the currently selected filter right-click on the highlighted filter name and choose: 'Deselect filter' from the context menu.

The display can also be changed to show the mods grouped into three (3) different styles: 'No groups, Categories & Nexus IDs' Context Menu Right-click or press Shift F10 in the Left Pane to open the context menu.

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