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The former model also released a duets album, A Whole New World, with her then husband Peter Andre in 2006.

All proceeds went to charity and the record reached number 20 on the album chart.

This week, we reported she had unveiled the single's front cover and told fans they will be able to get hold of the song on June 21.

In the latest segment of I Got You - her first release since 2010 hit Free To Love Again - Katie flashed the promotional front cover as she attached a verse of the surefire hit. I know, that I got you." Katie, 39, then repeats: "I know, I know, I know," before a bopping beat fully kicks in.

Singing live and carrying on is a professional 👍👍." Katie was blasted by trolls who mocked the star online and claimed her singing left them reaching for the remote.

One wrote: "Scalded cat springs to mind ' A Whole New World' of pain for the ears...

She later debuted a single Free to Love Again in 2010 - and she insisted recorded the track just as a bit of fun.

She said: "The manager - he didn't even book any of this. In a post on Twitter she wrote: "I enjoyed myself living my dream I can't win if I sing live or mime but I don't care." Former X Factor star Craig Colton, who wrote the song, also defended Katie and revealed she had been suffering issues with her ear piece.He tweeted: "Singing when you have inner ear difficulties is very hard for even for most professional.She competed for a place in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest with a track called named Making Your Mind Up.But she failed to win the coveted slot in the line-up.

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Technical problems have been blamed for the former glamour girl's shaky vocals as she belted out her new single.

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