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An Upper West Side destination from the same chef-owner behind Moti Mahal Delux (as well as Curry Hill’s kebab-focused Bhatti Indian Grill).It’s devoted to the culinary tradition of its namesake, the Awadh region in northeast India, known for slow-cooking methods and elegant, elaborate presentation.

called a “spam king” in 2003, recently found himself in an ironic situation: He became so inundated with robocalls that he was forced to change his phone number.“I'm hitting ‘Do Not Call,’ ‘Do Not Call,’ ‘Do Not Call,’ ‘Do Not Call,’ and they still call every single day,” said Waggoner, who once dubbed the “Viceroy of Viagra,” and who insisted on a striking number of occasions during our conversation that he sends emails only to people who voluntarily enter their email addresses into, in his words, “thousands of web sites all over the internet.”“It's like dude, come on,” Waggoner said of the robocalls.Open less than a year ago, it feels like it’s still getting its footing — and sometimes veering off course.But some dishes — like the eggs Kejriwal, a sort of cheese toast with a hidden egg, from Mumbai — are true standouts.In 2004, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates told a crowd at the World Economic Forum that “two years from now, spam will be solved.” In 2011, cybersecurity reporter Brian Krebs noted that increasingly tech savvy law enforcement efforts were shutting down major spam operators — including Spam It.com, alleged to be a major hub in a Russian digital criminal organization that was responsible for an estimated fifth of the world’s spam.These efforts meant that the proportion of all emails that are spam has slowly fallen to a low of about 50 percent in recent years, according to Symantec research.

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It should come as no surprise that the best Indian restaurant in New York arrived directly from the source: Indian Accent is an outpost of a critically acclaimed Delhi restaurant.

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