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Experts believe this may be due to the extra sugar added to low-fat versions.

The research actually found a very slightly lowered risk of cardiovascular disease and all-cause death among those who ate cheese.

Only one in ten older adults said they had a problem with dairy – and medical studies suggest that under five per cent of people actually have a problem digesting lactose, the sugar in milk that most commonly causes difficulties.

The trend in youngsters is alarming because dairy is a key source of calcium, an essential nutrient for the health and strength of bones, especially for younger women.

If you’re watching your waistline, a good dessert or snack idea is a ‘healthy’ low-fat yogurt, right? Low-fat yogurt is made by removing butterfat and all the micro-nutrients it contains, and replacing it with added sugar, which has little nutritional value.

They are ‘empty’ calories; energy without goodness.

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But for me, as a chef and nutritionist, it is the range of produce that can be made from milk – from yogurts to creams, butters and, many people’s favourite, cheeses – that really sets it apart. Most ingredients tend to have a fairly static nutritional profile.