Godly dating boundaries

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I have the advantage of knowing my faith before him, he didn’t shape it for me but he has poisoned poor girls not as strong as I in false testimonies.

I’d beg to offer he’s a false prophet reminiscent of the anti-Christ who will charm his way into peoples hearts.

We believe that this is primarily to disassociate internet searches to articles that match his real name. See -One church leader came to me and said I did not do one thing wrong, not one thing, you are getting railroaded. B called me before the church elders, the following in a nut shell happened. One Girl said Mr B got her in a strip poker game and it got to the point where she said; Mr B, “I swear actually wanted me to take my shirt off.” b. B closest friend.) ever found out what he did to me she would kill him, stating first that it started as they were laying on the couch together. Another girl said that he grabbed her improperly and got into her personal space. -One Church elder of Christ Community Church said we do not care what you have to say, you must never talk of this again to anyone in this Church, saying they will take care of it. You may have a relationship with God but brother you aren’t living a life in validation of it.

-I told them of several girls that came to me stating serious misbehavior of Mr. -I responded by saying; I did not go to these girls, they came to me because they know that I do not back down from doing what is right, that these girls where crying out for something to be done, that we can bring these girls in and if they do not want to repeat what they told me or deny anything I have said then I was willing to drop the whole thing. Allow themselves to be emotionally open with a man that is not their husband. Have low discernment as to the spirit, and motives, of men’s advancements. Allow themselves to be alone (unchaperoned) with a man that is not their husband. I’m ashamed of what I allowed of what I witnessed and accepted and of being so proud to be a member.

The GAMe board at that time demanded that Chad step down once they realized what was going on was wrong.

Many of these board members and regular members that left had put years of their lives and many thousands of dollars into what they thought was a good and godly venture.

I hope the other women of game see this and search their own hearts to see the truth about him and feel the conviction of the lord upon their hearts. And I urge them to share their stories too, he can’t be allowed to continue in this way without true repentance and even then he should not be in his position he’s not fit to lead Christians.

I swear on my faith in Jesus Christ this testimony is true and you can share it here in the hope and expectation that others from game or seeking interest in game will find the truth. B is in my opinion, and many others, was an expert at manipulation, one Church Ministry College Student told me that it was like talking to Satan when dealing with Mr. -Discerning men of the church had a general consensus of what was going on and often avoided association with his group Mr.

When 2010 started GAMe had around 100-150 people attending its Monday and Tuesday services.

By that fall so many people had left that GAMe was forced to reduce itself to just its Tuesday night service; in 2014 they still only meet on Tuesdays and less than a dozen people from 2010 or earlier remain.

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-ca -I had a room mate that was somewhat of a self promoted staff member of Christ Community Church, I call him Mr. -The Single pastor at the time, David Churchill, said, with concern, that he could not even schedule events with out making sure it did not crossover one of Mr. B was leading, often saying that those who follow such a man lack discernment and are somewhat needy in a unhealthy way, stating the word codependent.

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