Funny dating sims profiles for internet dating

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Funny dating sims

It sounds like a recipe for demeaning fetishism, but the final product is anything but.The two were on their way weird dating sims from visiting the Alpaca Kingdom, where Kazuma falls asleep, only to wake up and find an alpaca sitting next to him instead of his girlfriend. Famed youtube personalities in a Japanese high school.Here are the top 5 weirdest dating sims ever released.

Imagine a world where how good looking you are depends on how sharp your chin is. The game is completely free to downloadbut we're not sure who exactly the target audience here is.

It’s totally free too, so play it here and cross that Cretaceous love boundary! Because why wouldn’t you want to play a dating sim that lets you date an alpaca?

The storyline here is more along the lines of: Your girlfriend has been turned into an alpaca, now romance away. Alpacas don’t normally wear blush) and it’s full of fluff and loveliness.

Oddly enough, this alpaca sounds extremely similar to his beloved Yukari.

Vaguely incestuous romance is one thing - but 13 brothers?!

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Hailing from Japan, the dating sim is a humble game in which you (typically portrayed by a male character) seek to woo and eventually gain the love of one of many potential dating options (typically portrayed by anime girls).