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No parent would willingly leave their child aged 6 in a library, in a swimming pool, shopping centre or local park without monitoring them?

Social media is a playground, but it’s digital and more difficult to control.

The Foundation has reliable evidence based software to respond and address such issue.

Cyber bullying affects 1 in 8 Australians and it’s our responsibility to stop and prevent it.

Apply time limits to internet usage, excessive amounts of social media engagement can distract the user from the ability to self-regulate feelings.

This amendment strengthens the existing stalking and harassment provisions of the Victorian Crimes Act 1958 and covers bullying/cyber bullying behaviours.

Police now have the power to prosecute for stalking and serious bullying conduct.

Youngsters are digital natives and this is their world, it’s not about quantity but quality.

Children should be taught good online habits to be responsible digital citizens.

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Cyber bullying behaviour can stop in under 10 seconds if the bystander intervenes and takes assertive action by being the upstander.