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Free hermaphrodite chat line

Rounding on the strange fur, only visible in the form of a pair of quivering ears poking above the frame of a broken car window, Koryelro gave her best, feline hiss, back arching wickedly. " She hissed, teeth bared in a feline grimace as her heart pounded wildly. Or are you too much of a coward to get out here in the open with me? " The owner of the voice stepped out from behind a parked car, ears pricked and to attention. She was still in the games, after all, and, although the small, black jackal didn't seem of any size to pose a threat, she could still be bait.

Raising an eyebrow, the jackal, nude from head to paw, lifted her paws out to either side of her body. You've seen how they win." She stalked up to the crouched and rumbling feline with not a drop of fear.

As it was, the females that they released at different points in the 'arena' were a beautiful mix indeed, ranging from an Appaloosa mare and a spunky Anubian jackal who joked to one another in a comradely fashion before entering to a feline taur that walked as if the ground beneath her was going to crumble away at any moment.

And then the game was on and there was no time to chatter!

"You haven't told me your name yet." Raking the line of 'abandoned' cars in the street with her eyes, Kory could have strangled her. " Chuckling, the jackal held up her paws, fingers waggling as if to soothe the frantic feline.The taur furry squeezed with difficulty between two trucks, parked at an awkward angle that a normal anthro fur would have had no trouble getting between at all."Damn this," she muttered to herself as she squeezed her brown and black fur through another gap, struggling to get into a more open, friendly space.It was every female for themselves in The Breeding Games with only the winner, if there even was one, escaping the clutches of the breeding studs without their seed trickling from their cunts.Of course, none of them were permitted clothes in the arena; that would have just been an added inconvenience and expense for their poor, needy studs who had been kept denied for too long. A warm body into which to dump their load and saunter off, knowing that their job was good and done?

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After all, the show was going live and there was only so much time to be had.

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