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However this does not mean that coaching is compulsory for success in the exam .

Many people take guidance from standard texts and ace the examination without coaching .

I maintained a separate notebook for geography and had topics like IPCC , Flood control , HDI , Food Security etc as topics which were constantly updated .

Newspapers : The Hindu , Indian Express Online : Google topics like IPCC , global warming , sustainable development etc .

Many people get coaching notes from various coaching institutes and in the end are confused what to read what not to .

About 80% all notes are repetition of each other and you will waste a lot of time .

Honestly this 70% formed the core of my geography preparation .Overall her guidance helped me in the exam for I did not have to go through many books to get my basics and fundamentals of geography .They just served as reference books and there is hardly any 1 book in geography that I read fully apart from NCERTS.Newspapers are a rich source of maps and data as well .I remember an article in Express on Migration where they had given the source and destination of major migrations in the form of a map .

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Magazines : Kurukshetra ( Agri issues ) , Geography and You , Terra Green , The Hindu Environment Survey For instance a topic like food security .