Dealing dating rejection

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Dealing dating rejection

Now, it’s not terribly surprising that men fear rejection; after all, you feel as though your very existence is being judged.

Being rejected can feel as though it’s a response to you as a person rather than a reaction to the circumstance or situation. You feel like not only did everybody just watch you get shot down, but they’re all enjoying watching you being put back in your place.

Remember: it takes a lot of guts to make that approach.

Are you a loser for having been rejected, or are you a hero for reaching down, grabbing your nuts (or your ovaries) and saying “To hell with everything else, I’m going to from failure, however.

You want to be able to take an honest and appraising look at what happened. it could just as easily be a fault of bad timing as something you did.

Failure is the greatest teacher you can have, and this is doubly true when it comes to dating.When you’re getting rejected often, it’s possible to see it as a judgement on who you are as a person and begin to take on the attitude that everybody rejects you.As with other self-limiting beliefs, this becomes a cycle of confirmation bias; you only see what you expect and translate it into more proof that there’s something “wrong” with you.It’s like I said earlier: rejection only has to be horrible if you frame it that way.If you see it as being a learning experience – something that will only prove to make you stronger in the long run – then rejection can be incredibly valuable to you.

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I’m a big believer in documenting in your dating life.