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Datingwithhiv com

But make no mistake: If he is the kind of guy who would shut you down before a first date, it doesn't matter how cute you are or how hard he laughs at your jokes.

There are some people who are either blindly fearful of anything in the gay community with a plus sign attached to it or, for whatever reason, shallow enough to reject you because of the social stigma that comes with the package.

You may even have men lash out at you for not being a sad sack and giving them the attention they think they deserve.It may never move past the first date regardless of your status, so don’t act like you’re desperate for your potential match to love you until you know you love him back.Unfortunately, some people would like to see you stay in a state of despair rather than have you realize you’re the same good catch you’ve always been.But maybe you think you can overshadow the fear that your potential mate has of HIV.You think that you can charm someone with your personality and dazzle your date with your dashing good looks so much that they just won't be able to let you go, HIV status be damned.

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