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The main idea here is that you aren’t inconvenienced by traveling to a far away place to get your procedure done because you’re already in the mecca where cosmetic treatments are easy to come by.Read this news release on some cosmetic procedures in Miami.Another fan added: "I was so happy when Piers called him a d***!" Fortunately there wasn't a lightsaber in reach during the tense interview.If you’re like most people who live in the northern part of the United States, you’re freezing and all your body parts that were once exposed during the warm summer months are now covered, pastie from no sun, and surely you’ve grown that extra hair all over, once again.So what do you do if you’re going to be traveling to a place where you are going to bare that skin? Here’s what it’s like inside of a clinic, watch me get hair removed from my legs in this video. While in Miami, you could opt for some great procedures from a new office where they do IPL, acne removal and laser hair removal procedures. One of the most confusing things about relationships is understanding why people do such illogical and irrational things.

Revealing that he advises his clients to go abroad to seek love, Richard said: 'British women are very famous for moaning, complaining all the time.

"Well you are, your name's Richard, literally, sorry I didn't mean anything by that I mean your name's Richard.

"You are literally a d***." In the video, British-born Richard said: "British women are very famous for moaning, complaining all the time.

"They just ask a lot but give very little in return." Meanwhile on the show, Richard said that there are beautiful women in Britain, but they're "foreign".

He insisted that he was "very successful" with British women before he left in 2009 to travel the world before settling down in Russia and meeting his wife.

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