Dating young girls bangkok

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Dating young girls bangkok

Some of the girls do this for years, even managing to save enough money to buy themselves or their parents a house – all funded by the poor unsuspecting western ‘boyfriends’.

Educational Differences – Another problem western men experience with Thai bar girls is the huge difference in educational backgrounds.

A lot of men do this then realize, months or years later, she’s not.

The others I know are all either unhappily married with far too many problems, or separated or divorced from their Thai wives.

Have you tried all the traditional ways to find someone special in Thailand?

Where a majority of Thai men make low salaries, western men, even the poorly paid ones, usually make more money.

For Thai bar girls who come from poor backgrounds, they know that means if they marry a western guy there’s more chance he can help them and their family rise out of extreme poverty.

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I like to wear simply clothes such as T-shirts and jeans.