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Dating vintage fender twin

It also needs the battery box and I can also arrange shipping. For more photos and info email Steven at [email protected] WNG 350cc British Army. It is an early restoration that came over from Norway in 2008. Clean original bike, except the tank has been repainted because the guy I had working on it dropped it. A restoration project Ariel Huntmaster, developed similar to BSA A10. * The clutch cover could be replaced as the one installed is a bit tired. * The prop stand does work, but is not correct so the bike lists to the right a tad. This stunning KG, done in black with gold pinstriping, has just about everything sorted. Compressed air bottle (for fixing flats), front mudguard nail catcher, ISDT head inspection tag, extra cables (clutch, brake, throttle) laced next to the operating ones and an original tank bag, racing air filter and more. The Ariel Leader was the revolutionary and very successful two-stroke twin designed by Val Page and Barnard Knight. I have the original title, the bill of sale to the Dealer where I bought it and I will provide a bill of sale from me to new owner.

It's the 1598th bike made in the first contract to resupply the troops after Dunkirk. Carb has just been sonic cleaned and rebuilt (so it is covered with a plastic bag). With V5 logbook, transferable reg "420CHA" valued by registration specialist at 00 to buy for their stock, sell the plate and it makes for cheap classic biking. * The chain guard comes with it but need some work and paint. It handles very well and does not affect the handling. Left side exhaust and battery included (they were removed for a repair to the sidestand). Engine # PJ287HCS Frame #DU5138, extra frame #KS3042 Number on the Wisconsin title: PJ287HCS 00.00 1955 Huntmaster This Ariel Huntmaster has a few miles on it since I did it over. I have been restoring Ariels for many years and am known for being very particular. Like all my others it has been a winner in many shows. I added a SRM electronic ignition that fits inside the original magneto housing. Just installed new shocks so the bike rides better than you can imagine. Chrome is perfect and the paint is in good condition. For more information call Paul at 6, or email [email protected] Ariel HS in excellent shape. I did not register it in CT because the state of CT takes the title and does not issue a new one. More pictures can be found here: can deliver it to AMCA Oley, PA, Rhinebeck, NY, and Hebron, CT, or it can be picked up or shipped from 06002. For more information and even more photos contact Jim at 860-670-4501 or by email at [email protected] Ariel 500 VH, good condition, ridden frequently, ,500. The VH is one that works, not a project, that I take out on warm Sunday afternoons and ride to an occasional Brit Rally. Asking ,500 for the 1948 (black), and ,900 for the 1951 (red).

Mostly, we would like the bike to be bought by someone who really appreciates what they are getting. 1951 Ariel square four 2 pipe all original but mufflers and taillight. Contact Jack Boileau 206-419-5889 or [email protected] 1952 KH Fieldmaster 500 Twin. Frame was powder coated and new Dragonfly wiring harness installed. New SS spokes installed on the rear with new Dunlop tire. The Bad: Some traditional british oil drips and some scuff marks on the rear fender (due to me not being able to get my leg over cleanly). California license plate included - black with yellow digits. The following is the ad placed by the previous seller.

My father bought the bike in 1998 and had it shipped from Ohio to Encinitas, CA where it is today. Custom 1957 Square Four Mk II Less than 10hr on rebuilt motor. Morgo oil pump, 0.010" over pistons, Mukini 23mm carb. Custom rigid frame with 1946 Stock wide Springer frontend. This has A clear title kicks over great with great compression. Engine: Complete rebuild by Chuck Walton including: Modified valve guides, connecting rods sized and aligned with new Honda bolts, crankshaft ground, new rod bearings, new main crankshaft bushes, .020 over pistons with new .020 rings Otto head gaskets, Morgo rotary oil pump, steel sump plate, primary cases modified by Homer Knapp for clutch cage seal, main shaft seals and inner and outer case seals. Homer Knapp installed seals on kick start shaft, gear indicator shaft and main drive side seals. Built by Matt at Speed and Sport and campaigned in vintage trials.

It is interesting to hear other opinions but it can also be confusing since we lack a precise vocabulary to describe tone and taste.

What someone finds harsh can be beautiful sparkle to others.

After many years with vanilla ice cream, the taste of chocolate will be a tone explosion, not to mention a mix of the two.

Variation is the key and therefore, my friend, you need several guitars, amps, pedals and different speakers.

Total number of miles 53,623 Highly collectable numbers matching Ariel.

I'm asking ,000 landed at Long beach from Hawai`i. Email for more information [email protected] 1952 Ariel KH Fieldmaster Up for sale this beautiful 1952 Ariel KH Fieldmaster finished in Wedgewood Blue with white custom pin stripping.

Video of her running a couple months ago: More pictures here: HZPY28w ZMs WCde E7 Email Cas for more info: [email protected] Square Four Mk II I am selling this bike for my sister in law as brother in law passed last year. At the time it had been sitting for years and not running. I bought this as a project bike from a gentleman that could not finish it. Trans, Lucas Generator, Headers, Toolbox, Oil Bag with cap and fittings (one good - one heavily dented), Chain Guard, Tank Knee Pad Rubbers, Intake Manifolds (one decent, one has a few cracked out holes), Motor Mounts / Control Peg Plates, Amal Remote Float Carb (276-GN1B4), Pushrods, Axles Plunger Frame Assy.

Smooth overdriven tones can mean very different things for heavy metal guys with Marshall and Celestion stacks and country musicians playing twangy Twin Reverb amps.

What is also interesting is that our own taste developes over time.

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Beautiful bike, stored for years without headway on restoration. My sisters and I are in possession of his 1955 Ariel Sq 4. Out of the 13 Ariels I only had one single(a 500) which sold last week. I cleaned it up pretty well but alloy castings need polishing. For more info contact: [email protected] was in process of being restored. Many new motor parts, including: valves, piston with rings, head has been glassbeaded. (Mag 5 armature) Front vertical distributor plate and shaft. If you are looking for an alternative to a SQ4, this is it. Estate Sale: Garaged since purchased in March 2013, but fuel tank stolen recently. There is also a parts stash that includes another Cyclone (HC8) engine, NOS con rods and pistons, Leather saddlebags right out of the BSA/Ariel catalog and other things. He didn't do it, and now I have been hauling it around for 20 years. Mostly complete including fasteners but almost completely disassembled.