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One man, in the southwestern part of Pennsylvania, had seen one, at night, about 25 years ago.He said he'd never forget the sighting, but it was only when he saw another, a few months ago, in daylight, from his cabin, that he decided it was time to tell someone.

Many of the reports I receive are extremely credible.The photographer had no reason to stage the shot -- indeed, the composition and background was terrible, and not what you'd expect for something staged, but the shot wasn't perfectly clear.Two different people told me that they, or a close relative, had seen pumas on more than one occasion.I usually follow-up on these reports and, via email or phone conversations, I receive more details.Only once has anyone later determined that they had misidentified the cat, seeing a bobcat and not a mountain lion.

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Their are two web sites I know of that dealt with eastern pumas, with the one, the Eastern Puma Research Network, concentrating on sightings in the east.

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