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It’s similar to sciatica, affecting the sciatic nerve, but it is not related to herniated discs or similar obvious physical trauma.Since this occurs in people right before more traditionally recognized herpes outbreak symptoms occur, it’s a HSV-2 herpes prodrome symptom.HERPES SUPPORT GROUPS and HERPES SOCIAL GROUPS Herpes Support Groups and Herpes Social Groups exist in most major cities in the US and Canada and online, and we list them all below.Herpes support groups are sometimes called “HELP” support groups, and are occasionally affiliated with ASHA, the American Social Health Association.Topical Creams: Creams that contain the active ingredient Capsaicin may stop the pain signals from reaching your brain. Herpes nerve pain and leg pain is extremely common among genital herpes sufferers, and yet sufferers report that doctors largely remain ignorant of this side effect.In fact, one such cream is used specifically for post-herpetic neuralgia related to shingles, another herpes virus. A simple Google search will return tons of posts from people with herpes experiencing the exact same herpes nerve pain.Of course, you would probably still prefer to shorten that time frame!

Taking a shower or lying still with a heating pad may also help.

Herpes neuralgia and left leg pain is actually a common side effect.

For people who experience this herpes nerve pain side effect, it can be disconcerting and unusual.

Every day thousands of people meet people with Herpes for romance, dating, friendships, support, community, and to learn about Herpes medical treatments and information.

Come to dating, and you will find someone who wants to be with you regardless of your herpes status.

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So no, as you well know, you are not imagining your symptoms and neither are thousands of others!