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Dating design patterns pdf

The large decagonal and bowtie tiles are subdivided into smaller girih tiles.In the actual spandrel, the decoration lines of the small tiles are filled in black (upper left) The girih patterns on the Darb-e Imam shrine built in 1453 at Isfahan had a much more complex pattern than previously seen.Although there is evidence that some ancient girih tilings used a subdivision rule to draw a two-level pattern, there are no known historic examples of subdivision rule can be repeated an infinite level of times.For example, the pattern used in spandrel of the Darb-i Imam shrine (see figure) consists of only decagons and bowties, while the subdivision rule uses these two shapes and also the elongated hexagon tile.For this reason, it is not possible to tile the plane periodically with figures having five-fold rotational symmetry, such as a five-pointed star or a decagon.Patterns with infinite perfect quasi-periodic translational order can have crystallographically forbidden rotational symmetries such as pentagonal or decagonal shapes.Such figures can be drawn by compass and straightedge.However, by the 15th century some girih patterns were no longer periodic, but were constructed by the use of girih tiles.

Girih tiles can be subdivided into Penrose tiles called "dart" and "kite", but there is no evidence that this approach was used by medieval artisans.It became a dominant design element in the 11th and 12th centuries, as for example, the carved stucco panels with interlaced girih seen in Kharraqan towers (1067) near Qazvin, Iran.After the Safavid period, the use of girih continued in the Seljuk and later the Ilkhanid period.These are a set of five tiles with lines drawn on them; when used to tile the plane with no gaps, the lines on the tiles form a girih pattern.It is not yet known when girih tiles were first used instead of compass and straightedge construction.

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