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The baby—also named Alexis, but we call her Lexi—was 10 months old when we took full custody of her in June of 2002.

Over the next year, the three kids and I sometimes took Lexi to see her mom at chemotherapy or to get groceries.

Progestin is a form of progesterone made in a laboratory.

MHT may help relieve symptoms like hot flashes and osteoporosis.

A hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus.

The risks and benefits of MHT are different for each woman.

Growing up in Tipp City, a tiny town in Ohio, I had big plans.We'd bring Alexis medicine and we'd talk about her dreams for the future.("I should be on American Idol," she'd say, always spunky and proud.) The last time I saw her—bald, 80 pounds, and only 24—I just sobbed. It was hard to adjust at first, but life with Lexi became second nature.A midwife by trade, she was a compassionate person and knew that working with at-risk populations had always been a passion of mine, so she thought I might have some ideas for how to help. My husband and I hadn't talked about adopting—we already had three little kids, so we thought we were done—but after four nights of tossing and turning, I told him, "I think we're supposed to adopt this baby." I asked if he'd be open to at least speaking with Alexis Preston, the woman who needed help.That weekend we went to the Meijer megastore in Dayton where Alexis wanted to meet.

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However, doctors don’t recommend the treatment for most women.

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