Dating a colleague first date

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Dating a colleague first date

Any other relationship (friend, lover, business) can cause a conflict-of-interest between that relationship and the clinical relationship.And so, clinicians are barred from having any other relationship with their patients.You meet a lot of people and you get to know them far better than the people you meet in many other settings.The big reason why workplace relationships can cause problems is called the dual relationship principle.

You need to think a bit about how you will handle things if the relationship does not last. Could this have long-term repercussions for where you want to work? Could that cause career advancement problems in the future?

I’m not sure where it’s going but if we continue to date, it might be hard to continue to keep it a secret.

We both really like each other so we don’t want to break up, and we’re always professional in the office.

When you layer the romance on top of it, it can be even harder to voice disagreements.

You need to work hard to make sure workplace disagreements do not create personal problems.

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For example, with most colleagues, if there is something they do at work that you disagree with, you discuss it and then you each go back and work on the project some more.

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