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Some of your comments up to signing a contract with the job network provider is the normal process but what I find disturbing is the way your case manager is acting towards you , it pretty much looks like this person is bent on getting their monthly bonus for getting you work , either part time or full time.There is a Customer Complaints Line that you can ring ( 1800 805 260 ) to lodge a complaint about this case manager and the Job Network Provider in general and in your case , I would be lodging a written complaint about this case manager.I asked her why or how an employee in a job recruitment agency had any authority or power to cut off my payment without due cause or reason, she said it is a terrible system but unfortunately all I can do is try to transfer to another job agency and hopefully get someone who is not inclined to this behaviour.She gave me a 1800 number to try and transfer if they would not do it.Hello, I have just spent last few months with the worst Job agency I've ever encountered and looking for any advice or information.I was made redundant in August last year 2012, went immediately on newstart allowance and was forced into signing up with a job network provider.

I was loosing sleep and barely struggling thru financially.

I emailed this case manager and specifically told him he had lied to centrelink and I requested that he transfer me to another Job Agency which chose "Matchworks".

This was ignored completely and I received more letters to go in for more apointments.

Anyone been through this or know of anybody been through simliar? Have you tried contacting the talkback/media or your local member of parliament? I think it is a stupid system that needs to be changed.

It is just wasting Centre links time cancelling all these payments. This sounds like what used to happen with the Job Network system that was in place during the Howard era in 2002 – 2007 , they treated people like shit just to get the management fee every time you signed in for your Job Club visit.

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