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Back to TOP When you start typing a name in the To, BC, or CC box of a message you're composing, Group Wise attempts to finish it for you after each keystroke.

This can be extremely helpful - when the name you want appears, it seems like Group Wise is reading your mind!

Which address book is searched first can make the difference between this feature being wonderful or maddening!

If you keep the addresses of the people most important to you in a personal address book, you can "teach" Group Wise to display their names as soon as you start typing in the To, CC or BC box of a message by setting the Name Completion Search Order.

Context-Sensitive Help displays a brief explanation about any option in a dialog box.

Click on the at the top right corner of the dialog box window, then click on an option to see the explanation.

If you plan to set the Name Completion Search Order to look first in a personal address book, you'll want to put all the people who are most important to you into that book so that their names will pop up when you start typing in the To, BC, or CC box of a message.

When it appears, click on the desired entry to highlight it.

Remember--unless you set your cleanup options to archive them, Group Wise automatically deletes all items (messages, tasks, notes, folders) after 120 days. In the Old Password text box, type the password you want to change. You will be prompted to specify where you want the folder to move--into, below, or above the current folder level. If the Filter icon (on the bottom right-hand bottom of the screen) is yellow, a filter is set.

Lets you request Help topics containing specific words or phrases. Options in line #2 can be used to narrow your search.

Highlight a topic in line #3 and click the Display button.

If Name Completion finds a name that is close to the one you are looking for but not an exact match , you can use the Up- or Down-arrow to scroll to adjacent names in the address book. Repeat Steps 6-8 for each user that will have access to the folder. To act as proxy for another user, you must be given permission to proxy to the mailbox/calendar of that Group Wise user.

You can also use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard to search for names - after the asterisk type Ctrl-Enter to pull up a list of matching names. That user must grant you rights in the Access List in Options (see To Grant Proxy Access ).

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(For example, if you send a message to an incorrect address or to a spammer saying "Never contact me again," those still go into your Frequent Contacts book.) Add people who are already in another book such as the Novell Group Wise Address Book.

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