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College dating survival guide

In addition to living areas, residence halls will often have numerous resources housed in the building to help first-year students transition, including academic advising centers, resident advisor offices and computer areas.

Typically, students are assigned a random roommate unless they are coming to school with an existing friend.

Whether living alone or with friends or family, some students find it is beneficial to leave campus each day and unwind away from school pressures, while others want to be as connected as possible.

The table below shares pros and cons of making the move off campus.

May take longer to get in touch with landlord if something needs attention Can take longer to get to/from campus Most likely, students will need their own transportation to get to and from campus unless they are in a large metropolitan area Depending on the distance from campus, students may not be as involved in school activities Most off-campus housing options require renters to sign a 12-month lease, making the summer months problematic if students wish to be elsewhere Students will often have to seek out roommates as they most likely cannot afford a one-bedroom apartment at this stage Depending on their financial status, off-campus housing may not be as new or modern as on-campus offerings There are no Resident Assistants around to counsel and provide assistance as needed If it doesn’t line up to live with someone they know, students could end up with a roommate completely disconnected from their school After reviewing the information above, students opting to take advantage of on-campus housing typically have numerous options available to them.

For students attending college who are either married or have legal custody of a child, special family accommodations are available at many schools.

These are often apartment-style, with options ranging from one to three bedrooms.

There can also be downsides, however, such as lack of privacy and higher costs.

Review our list of pros and cons to get an insider look at campus housing.

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These spaces are often shared with at least one other student and may include suite-style bathroom facilities shared with an adjoining room, or may involve communal facilities for a portion of the floor.

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