Colin chase the dating of beowulf

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Colin chase the dating of beowulf

We hope that the Fund will be a lasting commemoration of Colin and his work.— OEN 18.2 (1985): 18.

Old English literature is largely preserved in manuscripts of the late tenth, eleventh and twelfth centuries, and Beowulf is no exception, surviving in a late 10th- or early 11th-c. Based on external evidence such as historical references or authorship, some poetry, like Cædmon's Hymn, can be dated as early as the 7th-c., whilst other poems, like The Death of Edgar, can be dated as late as the mid-eleventh century.

We may broadly classify the verse patterns used in Old English (and thus in Beowulf) into the following types (based largely on Sievers' classification): Though a vast number of verses in Beowulf (and other Old English poems) do not conform exactly to any of these 'basic' types, we find that most verses are equivalent to one or other of the above types.

One of the most common verse-forms in Beowulf is exemplified by wéox under wolcnum (8a) [ / x x / x ], in other words Type A with an 'extra' unstressed syllable in the first foot.

Born in Denver, Colorado in 1935, Chase received his B. at Harvard in 1956, and for five years attended a Jesuit seminary, studying classics and philosophy. He was chairman of the Centre's Medieval Latin Committee from 1977 to 1984, and one of its most active and dedicated teaching members.

Michael's College and the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto, died of cancer on October 13, 1984. Chase was known for his work on Old English and Anglo-Latin literature.

Oswine: the Hero's Pride in Old English Hagiography" and "Source Study as a Trick with Mirrors: Annihilation of Meaning in the OE 'Mary of Egypt'." He contributed articles tothe Dictionary of the Middle Ages on Anglo-Saxon and Latin subjects and wrote reviews for several journals.

He was the chief reviewer of the Beowulf section in OEN's The Year's Work in Old English Studies, offering his balanced judgment since 1976 on the dozens of articles and books written annually in this important sub-field.

A phenomenon similar to extrametricality is anacrusis (called Auftakt by German metrists).

His major p Ublications were his scholarly edition of Two Alcuin Letter-Books and the edited collection, The Dating of Beowulf.

Chase's interest in teaching was evident from the wide variety of courses he taught, the numbers of students he supervised on the doctoral level, and his active contributions to three videotapes produced by the Toronto Media Centre, most notably the popular "The Sutton-Hoo Ship-Burial." At his death he was working on a comprehensive study of the lives of the saints and had begun a new series of editions of Pre-Conquest saints' lives.

Metre can be roughly described as the rhythm used in recitation.

More exactly, metre comprises the patterns of stressed (or emphasised) and unstressed syllables, which are inherent in spoken language, but take on a more regulated form in poetry. The Rhythm of Beowulf: an interpretation of the normal and hypermetric verse-forms in Old English poetry.

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He was an administrative committee member of the project to revise Ogilvy's Books Known to the English.