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Concerns continue to grow as both the number of attacks on companies’ networks and the cost to companies are increasing.

The quantity and quality of information being hacked, stolen, destroyed, or leaked is becoming more of a problem for consumers and businesses alike. S., in comparison with other nations in the Ponemon study, continues to rank highest in its cost of cyber crime at an annual average of .4 million per company.

This year, companies saw an average of 160 successful cyber attacks per week, more than three times the 2010 average of 50 per week.

[34] “Cyber Security Update,” , October 1, 2015, November 5, 2015).

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In fact, health care services continued to see a large amount of smaller (fewer than 1 million people affected) breaches.

Interestingly, a number of universities were also subject to cyber attacks this past year, possibly reflecting greater cyber-ability in their current students. Lee, “The Sony Hack: How It Happened, Who Is Responsible, and What We’ve Learned,” , November 30, 2014, November 4, 2015).

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The Ponemon Institute recently released its , which analyzes the cost of all cyber crime for a variety of 58 U. Ponemon surveyed companies in the areas of finance, energy and utilities, and defense and aerospace—three of the most affected sectors—as well as communication, retail, and health care.