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Child imput on dating

For instance, cohabitation by a parent may be ignored in one state, but not another.

This means that once a state makes a custody award, any other state must keep its hands off the matter.Similarly, if a non-custodial parent begins drinking heavily or taking drugs, the custodial parent may file a request for modification of the visitation order.What constitutes a lifestyle sufficiently detrimental to warrant a change in custody or visitation rights varies tremendously depending on the state and the particular judge deciding the case. Courts frequently award at least some aspects of custody to both parents, called "joint custody." Joint custody usually takes at least one of these forms: In every state, courts are willing to order joint legal custody, but about half the states are reluctant to order joint physical custody unless both parents agree to it and they appear to be sufficiently able to communicate and cooperate with each other.Can someone other than the parents have physical or legal custody?

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There’s a different process for students from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.