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It dis- appears with the beginning of the autumnal circulation. Richter has suggested that convection currents caused by the nocturnal cooling of the surface water after hot summer days may be the cause of it.

It first appears clearly in June at the 10-12 meter interval. It continues to descend through September, and is found in early October between 16 and 18 meters.

PRINTED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA THE COLLEGIATE PRESS ' MENASHA ' WISCONSIN PREFACE IN THE following pages we have endeavored to present a brief and untechnical account of fresh-water life, its forms, its conditions, its fitnesses, its associations and its economic pos- sibilities. No one can have detailed first hand knowledge in any considerable part of it. without raising its temperature at all would be sufficient to raise the temperature of the same when melted more than 75 degrees.

Hence, even for the elementary treatment here given, we have borrowed freely the results of researches of others. Furthermore, the heat consumed in vaporization is still greater.

If the surface waters were Circulation 39 cooled some degrees they would descend, displacing the layers underneath and setting up shallow currents which would tend to equalize the temperature of all the strata involved therein.

The illustrations, where not otherwise credited, are mainly the work of the junior author. Our bibliography, necessarily brief, includes chiefly American papers. Here is a rough statement of the dissolved solids in some typical waters : In rain water 30 40 parts per million In drainage water off siliceous soils 50 80 In springs flowing from siliceous soils 60 250 In drainage water off calcareous soils 1 40 230 In springs flowing from calcareous soils 300 660 In rivers at large 120 350 In the ocean 33000 37370 Thus the content is seen to vary with the nature of the soils drained, calcareous holding a larger portion of soluble solids than siliceous soils. Drainage waters from cultivated lands often contain more lime salts than do springs flowing from calcareous soils that are deficient in carbon dioxide.

Yet we have worked jointly on every page of the book. We have cited but a few comprehensive foreign works; the reference lists in these will give the clue to all the others. Spring waters are more highly charged than other drainage waters, because of pro- longed contact as ground water with the deeper soil strata.

This chart shows most graphically the growing divergence of surface and bottom tempera- tures up to August, and their later approximation and Nature of Aquatic Environment final coalescence in October.

This may be seen in figure 7, which is Birge and Juday's chart of temperatures of Lake Mendota as followed by them through the season of direct stratification and into the autumnal circula- tion period in 1906.

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