Care backdating

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The directions by the Chief Justice required the parties to deal with the following issues only: I. The Registrar was directed to serve a copy of these directions on the Minister for Social Development and the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Development, who were given the opportunity to file affidavits if they wished. He produced a comprehensive report supported by a report compiled by a social worker, Ms Cawood.

In matters concerning children it is important that courts be furnished with the best quality of information that can reasonably be obtained in the circumstances.P confirmed the need for a re-appraisal of the juvenile justice system in the light of the Constitution.The issue was the extent to which the interests of a child should weigh where the child herself was the offender.In 2002 she was convicted in the Wynberg Regional Court on 38 counts of fraud and four counts of theft.The Court took all the counts together for purposes of sentence. The Court asked for a correctional supervision report.

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(a) The current approach to sentencing of passing sentence.

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