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Cameraboys boyscouple

The East Inman Consolidated Field, discovered in 1940, produces from the Tar Springs as well as from several other Chesterian cyclic sandstones.

Beverly Seyler was particularly helpful in the scanning electron microscopy/energy dispersive x-ray analyses and interpretation of the Tar Springs samples, along with advice on thin-section preparation.

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Roy DEPARTMFW T OF KIATUHAL RESOURCES printed by authority of the State of Illinois/2001/700 © Printed with soybean ink on recycled paper CONTENTS DISCLAIMER ii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ii ABSTRACT 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 INTRODUCTION 2 BACKGROUND 5 REGIONAL GEOLOGY 11 INMAN EAST CONSOLIDATED FIELD 18 Log Character and Sandstone Distribution 18 Sedimentology 28 Trapping Mechanism 29 Petrography 32 Composition of Primary Detrital Components of Sandstones 32 Diagenetic Cements 32 Porosity Characteristics 34 CONCLUSIONS 47 REFERENCES 48 APPENDICES A Tar Springs Core Material in or near Inman East Consolidated Field 51 B Inman East Consolidated Field — Visual Petrographic Estimates of Mineral Content and Porosity Types 52 C SEM-EDX Analyses of Ankerite, Calcite, and Chlorite 54 D Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Analyses of Carbonate Cements 56 E Inman East Consolidated Field Core Analysis Data 57 FIGURES 1 Tar Springs production map in the southeastern Illinois Basin 3 2 Regional extent of Tar Springs Sandstone 4 3 Geologic column of upper Valmeyeran and Chestrian sediments in southern Illinois 5 4 Inman East Consolidated Field index map 7 5 Inman East Consolidated Field initial potential 8 6 Inman East Consolidated Field production history 9 7 Tar Springs type logs 10 8 Regional isopach map of the Tar Springs Sandstone 12 9 Regional Tar Springs net sandstone isolith 13 10 East-west regional stratigraphic cross sections of the Tar Springs Sandstone 16 1 1 Upper Tar Springs net sandstone isolith at Inman East Consolidated Field 20 12 Upper Tar Springs log character map at Inman East Consolidated Field 21 13 Lower Tar Springs net sandstone isolith at Inman East Consolidated Field 23 14 Lower Tar Springs log character map at Inman East Consolidated Field 24 15 Stratigraphic cross sections at Inman East Consolidated Field 26 16 Structure map on base of Vienna Limestone at Inman East Consolidated Field 30 17 Structural cross section at Inman East Consolidated Field 31 18 Thin-section photomicrographs of reservoir sandstone 33 19 SEM photomicrographs of Tar Springs Sandstone 34 20 Thin-section photomicrographs of kaolinite formed from alteration of a feldspar grain 37 21 SEM photomicrographs of diagenetic minerals in the Tar Springs Sandstone 38 22 SEM photomicrographs of diagenetic clays in the Tar Springs Sandstone 40 23 Thin-section photomicrographs of unusual detrital components in the Tar Springs Sandstone 42 24 Thin-section photomicrographs of diagenetic features in the Tar Springs Sandstone 43 25 SEM photomicrographs of ankerite cement 44 26 Core porosity and permeability plotted on SP-Resistivity log in the Inman East Consolidated Field 47 TABLE 1 Cumulative oil production and field totals from all reservoirs in selected parts of Inman East Consolidated Field and for the the field as a whole 6 ABSTRACT The Mississippian Tar Springs Sandstone in southern Illinois is often overlooked as a potential oil-producing horizon, yet it can be a prolific reservoir.My hatred of Plenty of Fish (aka POF) is so well-documented it wouldn’t even be possible to link to all my past rants about them.If you’re curious, I’ve talked about them in my review of paid dating site upgrades and while I think there are many things wrong with the site, the thing that really set me off about them was when I encountered a racist on their site and they did very little about it.The eastern compartment has up-dip closure against the Inman East Fault.Each of the three Tar Springs compartments at Inman East Consolidated Field is delimited by the distribution of the channel sandstones and their up-dip closure against laterally equivalent shaley channel plugs and overlying shales.

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