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Thank'you Kims Response: As we stated below, you are banned for fraud.We believe you, and three others were involved in being tipped by individuals you knew were purchasing tokens with stolen cards.I'm working in a legal studio and my colegues account was closed too, mainly for the same reason suspected of fraud.I did search on the forums and did find a lot more performers in my situation.I could not have risked to work with such a tipper because I did sign a contract with the studio, and they couldn't do suck a thing and risk to close all their model's account.Also all of us begin working on this site for a couple of week and we didn't start earning a lot of money.I am a college student yes I know I have horrible spelling sorry.Just trying to make my way through life and that 400 dollars that I WORKED EVERY DOLLAR FOR!

CAM4 CAM4 accusations of fraud Internet, Internet I have been a performer on cam4 for 6-7 months.cam4 ripped me off totally and banned my account cam4usa i believe Ive been using cam4 since 2009, and all of sudden they blocked me account ive sent in my id emailed threm and said its due to chargeback, in which i know there is asking for the proof and they wont even respond now.During that time my account has been closed a couple of times and then reopened. But now they have accused me of Fraud with other people without PROOF and have closed my account again with a lot of HARD EARNED MONEY! I have asked for the records that prove fraud and they refuse to send them to me or give me access to them because they know that maybe the bad CC are only a small % of whats in the account. names are banned for fraud as I stated last evening. Please stop asking people to write to me as we are not going to respond as we do not discuss accounts with anyone else.As of Jan 25 2012 they closed it again saying that it was because of FRAUD. When a performer is tipped with tokens then the tokens are held for three days and you cannot withdraw the money you've earned till the 3 days have passed. This is a way i believe for some employees to close accounts and not return $$ to performers but keep $$ for themselves. and as far as i am concerned they are committing FRAUD! Kim Cam4 My response: Kim, i need to know what fraud was that ?


I did not work with any fraudulent tipper and i do not know any fraudulent tipper.

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