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In May 2013, Google announced its plan to drop support for the open XMPP standard in favor of proprietary Google Hangouts.Google Talk was integrated into Gmail where users could send instant messages to other Gmail users.Google's version of "Off the Record" is not OTR (off-the-record) encryption.Enabling "off the record" inside Gmail's Chat turns off logging of messages, but does not enable encryption.Whether you’re just starting to dabble in 2D animation or are a professional artist interested in creating your own experiences, Lens Studio makes sharing your creation with the world fast and fun!

Nevertheless, Google Talk does support some text formatting features like making text bold and italic.

As it worked within a browser, the Google Talk client did not need to be downloaded to send instant messages to Gmail users.

Conversation logs were automatically saved to a "Chats" area in the user's Gmail account.

They will receive the messages when they next go online even if the user who has sent it is offline.

This only works between Gmail-accounts though, and doesn't work between Google Talk servers and other XMPP servers.

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On October 31, 2006, Google introduced offline messaging to Google Talk.

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