C dataadapter update not updating database sim date dating

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C dataadapter update not updating database

The server now detects these files and marks them as unsupported so they can be corrected.Bug 10219 | Fixed various escaping issues in the CSV tables downloaded from reports, so show titles containing commas and quotes look as expected.

Bug 10043 | Fixed an issue where reports were using the producers contact name field instead of the producer name field for producer breakdowns.Bug 10036 | Some Files Verify Repeatedly Leading To System Performance Degradation| Fixed an issue where verifying a file would fail.This caused the file to be verified over and over again.Bug 9362 | Results Of Export Data Cannot Be Downloaded| Fixed an issue where submitting Export Data would incorrectly redirect the user to the menu screen instead of the completion page where the report could be downloaded.The user is now redirected correctly, allowing the report to be downloaded.

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