Build an instantly updating dynamic website with jquery ajax dating online azcentral

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Line refers to the cookies portion setcookie("verify", md5($pass)); what to do ?

Everything else is working it's just that line seems not come up with the error. Could you please, ,please help me Great script, thank you for letting others have it. Can you please advice if depending on the password (password only option) can I redirect it to a particular page.. if there are 3 passwords say admin, normal, moderator then it should go to /if admin is selected, should go to if moderator is selected etc.. I do all my sites thru i Web off my mobile me automatic Publish. I have one question though and I hope somebody might be able to help me.

Can we modify this so that we can also include username? Hi, Your password PHP script looks good and I want to use it at Go, my hosting service.

So I created a PHP folder at com/PHP which is where I put the script.

Now it supports cookies and requires password only once. Does it need to be put in a secure catalog, maybe outside the webroot? Outside the webroot or in a secure catalog would be good.

But script will not reveal the password, no matter where it is placed. Now Password Protector can either ask password only or login/password pair, depending on settings.

I must be really dense - where in the code do I put the include("/home3/marilou/cc-ob-www/elder-connect/password_protect.php");?If you need to protect few php pages then add protection string to each page. I am trying to add a drop box so that users can connect to different databases (different connect_file for each database). Word of warning: If you test this script manually in your browser, you _will_ be logged in until you close the browser.Please refer to "Usage" section at the top of this page for details. This caused many hours of fiddling with the HTML code to "try and get the login" to show again.Just a little annoyance, other than that it did its job nicely.zubrag: Changed script according to Mark's suggestion.

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Copy password_to protect A.php, and include protect in webpage A. help but when stripped into my php page I get a login screen and once login is entered it re-directs to the appropriate page but its just blank.

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