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Carla Gugino, left, as Shelli and Luke Wilson as Bill, costar in Cameron Crowe's tribute to the folk behind the scenes of rock band performances in Showtime's "Roadies," premiering Sunday.

(Katie Yu/Showtime)The show instead dwells on the minor crisis of the tour's inability to find and retain a decent opening band - these acts are played by real performers, including the Head and the Heart, Reignwolf and Lindsey Buckingham. The life-on-tour antics and details feel hammy and contrived; there is nothing similar to the easygoing vibe mixed with panicky momentum that Crowe conveyed in "Almost Famous." "Roadies" might do better to focus solely on its characters' jobs for the first several episodes.

Amel, whose name means “hope” in Arabic, was born in Greenwich Village in New York City.

Her mother, a dance professor and critic, is of black American descent, and her father is white American of French, English, and Scottish descent.

During a staff huddle he is promptly chewed out by an idealistic and annoying young rigger, Kelly Ann (Imogen Poots), who expounds on the ephemeral glory of being a roadie and how much the Man (whoever the Man is) will Just Never Get It. (In another episode, Kelly Ann delivers a diatribe against raisins: "Philosophically, I hate how people add raisins where they do not belong - stuffing, Cream of Wheat, salad.

"Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix didn't die to become a crop-top in Urban Outfitters! When will people learn that raisins are not the answer?

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Yet anyone who has attended a concert and had the good fortune to make it backstage can attest to the supercharged feeling of it all - the smells, the banter, the giddy groupies, the bacchanal, the proximity to fame and the constant exertion of labor. Because it can also be terribly dull, once one has at last donned a backstage pass; it has a way of undermining the magic.

This is no big surprise, since it's hard to think of any milieu that is less hospitable to the basic narrative architecture of television than the travails of the music industry.

FX's' "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll," which returns for a second season on June 30, has literally listed all the alluring stuff in its title - and it's still a bore.

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w=234&h=300" alt="" width="234" height="300" srcset=" w=234&h=300 234w, w=117&h=150 117w," sizes="(max-width: 234px) 100vw, 234px" /Amel Larrieux (1973-) is an American R&B and soul singer, songwriter, and producer.

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Crowe and his writers try to compensate by overloading the cast with oddballs - the guitar-tuner who cops a British accent; the mystically inclined chief of security; the obsessed groupie who keeps sneaking backstage despite a restraining order - but this only adds to the drag.

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