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Blog 40 days of dating

My wife says they have and that Chris would like to go upstairs with her and for me to stay here for a while and then perhaps come up after a few minutes.I agree to this and tell them to be quiet and not wake the girls.I go in and see Chris sitting on an armchair with a drink which my wife had got for him. To which my wife says we’ve talked about it and Chris is a bit uneasy with things.I also notice my wifes lipstick being a little smudged as well as her dress a little dishevelled. I see I say your lipstick is smudged so I reckon you have already kissed each other and I imagine you’ve had a feel of her as her dress is crooked.I hear them creep up the stairs along with footsteps in the bedroom above.After a while I hear the bed rhythmically creaking softly.My wife does drink but is not in the habit of drinking too much. We dance a lot and a lot of drink is drunk by everybody except the drivers as it’s a BYO.My wife was good friends with one of the female teachers and they hit it off, chatting, dancing and drinking.

I quickly say don’t decide yet lets get back first and see how things pan out then decide.

OK she says but I’m sure he’ll not want to and anyway he may have already got a lift.

As I go round the block and come back into the road he was walking I see him ahead in the distance.

He tells us he’s been out with some of his mates drinking and his name is Chris. I ask him if he’d like to come back to our place for drinks and perhaps mess around.

I tell him that I’ve always wanted to see my wife fucked by another and would he be interested.

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