Best dating site nz

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Best  dating site nz

There were 8800 female sugar babies and about 1500 male sugar babies registered here.In contrast, 2100 sugar daddies were registered and 193 sugar "mummies" – a ratio of almost five to one."[The site] makes it clear that they don't want anybody to just come on and say, 'Oh, I'm offering money for sex'," he said."But, I mean, everyone knows what it's all about – that's why they're there, usually."But for John, sex was not the only attraction.

Since then, he had met with up to five women, mainly aged in their early 20s, for "intimate meetings"."I've tried one or two other sites," John said.

"It's worked out better than just about anything else."John, who is married, was happy in his relationship, but needed more "sexually".

So far, John's arrangements have cost him more than 00 in total, mostly in cash handouts.

The Wellington woman signed up to Seeking, one of a number of websites that match babies with "daddies", after reading about it on an anonymous message board app.

"Someone was talking about how much money they got, they were paying off their student loan," she said.

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