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In case you do not find the answers you are searching for, we encourage you to login and post your question to other community members.I had the occasion to work with Mongo DB Atlas recently, which made it so easy to quickly spin-up a Mongo DB replica set, among other more-advanced options for things like sharding, etc.

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Once the app is updated to connect to Webtask, run You can see from this example that Mongo DB can be used to store data very flexibly, and using Webtask as an HTTP frontend for storing whatever data you’d like, you can, for example, create a loose time-series, and abstract this into better, more specific data to track all sorts of characteristics of activity on various services that make up your application.

This is a sample “hello world”-style application with no deeper functionality, but in a more complex microservice architecture, for example, you can have services register errors, etc. One potential enhancement for such an architecture, and to integrate it further, could be to use the dump and restore tooling to backup old logs (to object storage like Minio or S3, for example), and in Mongo itself, set TTLs when you create the records to expire them from the database after X number of seconds, thus managing your cluster storage.

For example, peering with your AWS VPC, and automated security policies:and some truly cool automation around sharding, user ACLs, and replica sets.

For the purposes of this tutorial, you’ll only need a single replica set and a single user, but the rest of these features make the real strengths of the platform apparent, and I recommend using Atlas for this tutorial (there is a free tier, but I recommend the low-cost option on the next tier up for compatibility reasons with the driver, that I will go into later on).

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