Auction dating

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Auction dating

Tom is a single guy who I’ve met a couple of times before, so it was interesting to see how he interpreted my questionnaire, and which parts he thought would sell me best to the crowd! You could see it in their faces when they stood on top of the table.

He picked the fact I speak Mandarin (appallingly), told the crowd I’m really really excited about moving to London next week (probably the biggest understatement of the night! The eight of us had clearly been picked because we’re confident people, happy to stand up in front of a crowd of friends and strangers and essentially be valued.

She’s a bit of a pro when it comes to these events, in fact previous auctions have led to romance and even marriage!

Earlier this week I told you guys about the Date Auction my friend The Entrepreneur was organising for the charity Scope.

The dating auction website Whats Your has released its ranking of the 10 cities in the U. The average accepted first-date price for gays during Pride Month is 5.20, compared to for the entire site.

The site reports 32 percent growth in gay memberships during June ,which is LGBT Pride Month.

didn’t have to clamber down off the table in shame!It was interesting to see which things about me he selected from lengthy pre-auction questionnaire I’d filled in.Given the crowd of people bidding, if I’d had to ‘sell myself’ I’d probably have gone with the travel card – I travelled round the world on my own for three years, including two ski seasons in Whistler.I’d have maybe thrown in the fact I’ve just started writing for the Guardian, and that I’ve played cricket at Lord’s three times.Random snippets of the past thirty years which I feel sum me up as a person. In the end I went for £95, so not a cheap date after all! The part I found most interesting about the auction, was how nervous the guys were too.

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Websites are set up so that you see the photos before you click to read more about another dater.

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